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Name:Madelyne Pryor [ Marvel 616 / X-Men ]
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Madelyne Pryor
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A clone. Not part of a set.

Madelyne Pryor is a clone of Jean Grey, created by Mr. Sinister, which would cause anyone a bit of an existential crisis. Maddie had more of a breakdown when she found out, since Jean returned to life which caused a domino effect of Maddie losing everything she loved -- her husband Scott left her for Jean, their child Nathan was kidnapped by Sinister and Madelyne was nearly killed in Sinister's attempt at hiding his machinations, and Madelyne had no home or family other than with the X-Men who were all friends of Jean. Maddie basically went from having everything to having nothing, because she was a clone. This wasn't Jean's or anyone's fault, but there was a sense that Madelyne would never be enough. Manipulative demons and one portal-to-the-demon-realm-to-summon-a-demon-army-to-take-over-the-world later, and Maddie died. Upon her resurrection by her new BFF and fellow Sinister-hater Nate Grey, she sorted through some of this mess and made amends with her adult-son-from-the-future. Life's still been pretty bumpy ever since.

Currently, Maddie's laying low and figuring things out for herself. Also, not taking over the world.

At her best, she's warm and welcoming and caring, playful and able to make friends easily, optimistic and self-sacrificing, and has a natural desire to heal others. At her worst, (other than when she's allied with demonic forces,) she's resentful and distrusting and selfish, she's quick to jealousy, and she'd rather leave than risk being betrayed.

Madelyne is a character from Marvel comics. Live action playby is Sophie Turner (who is teen Jean Grey's movie actress, since Maddie is in the body of a 19 year old these days). This journal is for fun only and has no association with Marvel comics or Sophie Turner.

Muse and Mun are both over 18.
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