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Madelyne Pryor
Anodyne | Goblin Queen | Red Queen

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Madelyne Pryor is a clone of Jean Grey, created by Mister Sinister for the purpose of having a child with Scott Summers. Given the spark of life by the Phoenix Force and false memories by Sinister, Madelyne set up with a life as a professional pilot in Alaska. Soon after, she met, fell in love with, and married Scott Summers. Together they had a child, Nathan Christopher Summers.

[The Fall] When Scott found out that Jean was alive, he abandoned his family to reunite with her. With Scott gone and Madelyne alone and vulnerable, their child Nathan was kidnapped by Sinister. Madelyne was nearly killed in an attempt to erase her existence before it came out that she was a clone, which would reveal Sinister's machinations. Without anywhere else to go, she joined up with the X-Men. At their side, she willingly sacrificed her life, although the team was resurrected in Australia.

[Rock Bottom] While monitoring news feeds for the team, she saw Scott on TV -- with Jean Grey at his side. It was shortly after this that demons preyed upon Madelyne's insecurities and she agreed to become the Goblin Queen. In return, she would get the answers she was seeking and regain some control of her life. With the demons' help, she discovered the truth of her creation. This overwhelmed her and she lost her mind in this darkness, seducing her brother-in-law Alex to help her, and nearly sacrificing her infant son as part of a spell to take over the world. Madelyne died in battle against her former friends the X-Men, including her husband Scott, and the woman he'd left her for, Jean Grey.

[The Troubled Path to Peace] Madelyne was later pulled back into existence by Nate Grey, who searched this world for a companion and gave form to her psychic echo. Her corporeal existence has been tenuous ever since. During this time, she helped Nate as his closest ally, and made some peace with her son Nathan. She also briefly joined up with the Hellfire Club and Selene, although she left them for Nate. When the energy forming her body ran down, she gave the last of her energy to Nate and faded away to become a ghost on the psionic plane. During a battle with Apocalypse, she made contact with the captured Nathan and Scott, and they came to some peace before she returned them to a battle she could not help with. When an evil Jean came through to this world and impersonated Madelyne to get close to Nate, Madelyne's last connections with the mortal plane were severed, and she was nothing more than a ghost trapped on the psionic plane.

[Dark Returns] After years of being trapped on the psionic plane and resisting, Madelyne drew upon demonic magic, allowing it to corrupt her so that she could free herself. Newly materialized as energy, she formed a Sisterhood to help her inhabit the dead body of Jean Grey, since no other vessel could hold her immense power. However, she attacked the X-Men to obtain what she needed -- a lock of Jean's hair to locate Jean's body -- and the X-Men responded by swapping Jean's body with another before Madelyne made it to the grave. When Maddie cast the spell to inhabit a body unable to hold her, she burned through it immediately. As she burned, Scott offered his hand, and she took it as she died once again.

[A New Body] Arkea later formed a new Sisterhood, and used Amora to resurrect Madelyne to be a member. They placed Madelyne's soul into the dead body of 19 year old Ana Cortes, which was modified so it could hold and resemble her. Risking a confrontation against the X-Men, Madelyne took a deal from Ororo to walk away without a fight while the X-Men took down Arkea. Selene left at Maddie's side.

[Currently] Although still not playing on the side of heroes and still harboring a bit of a grudge, Madelyne's also not on the side of evil. She's mostly into her own interests now, particularly staying alive and gaining enough power and space to protect herself -- and to hell with whoever gets in her way.

[Roleplay Interests and some Characterization Notes]

As including the name "Anodyne" above might suggest, I'm interested in playing Maddie as a more multidimensional character than she's been portrayed recently (*cough*fuckyouFraction*cough*), and integrating the entirety of her core personality into her current characterization. Think more along the lines of her X-Man run with Nate, during which she was struggling to grow, heal, trust again, make amends, and define who she is for herself. She's perfectly capable of doing good deeds with those she trusts, but she's hurt and won't actively risk her life for any noble world-saving acts again. She's also capable of doing bad deeds for her own self-interest if needed.

Interaction with her old X-Men pals could be prickly. She's hurt for the perceived betrayal that they all loved and chose Jean Grey over her, (and they're probably hurt by her actions as well,) and she might still protect herself with accusations and viciousness. However, she's also capable of having that conversation and working through those issues, such as she started to do with Nathan and Scott years ago when she met them on the psionic plane (reference). Assumed CR to jump past this is also very welcome.

Time has passed differently for Madelyne; for Scott and the others, many years have passed since the events of Inferno, but Maddie was dead or isolated for much of that time, so she hasn't experienced as much time to grow after these events. She's also capable of helping her former friends/enemies if she's convinced it's in her own self-interest to do so, and her humanity can still be appealed to.

Of her many powers, at her core Madelyne is still a healer, as established with her first brush with powers in which she took the name Anodyne (thank you, Loki). Despite her many dark acts, she's still extremely skilled at this, even capable of completely healing and reanimating the long-dead corpse of Betsy Braddock. Mun is interested in this coming up.

Regarding her current body, Madelyne is interested in securing a better one. Arkea was very powerful and modified the body of Ana Cortes enough to hold Madelyne's power, but it isn't perfect. Maddie would prefer the dead body of Jean Grey, or the body of another one of Sinister's clones.

Particularly interested in roleplaying with a Nate Grey, a Scott Summers, an Alex Summers, a Nathan Summers, or any of her old X-Men ex-friends. Open to AUs or scenarios where things are less antagonistic or even friendly again. Open to assumed CR. If you play any of these guys and you're interested, please contact me!

Note: Mun is not 100% caught up on all things in the Marvelverse. Give me a heads up if I've missed something important.